Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Messages from the Universe

I got through so much work today. It was so productive. But I also got some weird signals from the Universe.

My email pal wasn't in touch, I got an invitation to a celebratory dinner for a former boss, an invitation to attend a Bridal expo and I got a phone message to do a small errand for a friend.

Strange combination of things coming at me. Full moon on Thursday. I'm feeling good.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Weekend, So Far

 My painting (left), Linda's painting (right)
 The view from my brother's spare room
 Crowne Casino celebrates the Year of the Horse
Big brother Ken (right) and his drinking buddy Matt (left). Spunky and a cat lover

Friday night: In Melbourne with brother Ken. Had drinks with his friend Matt and then dinner. Best thing about seeing my big brother is we have so much to say and talk and talk and talk.

Saturday morning I flew back to Canberra, did the food shopping, came home and then went to art class and did my best painting ever. I am totally loving the Year of the Horse, so far. Reconnected with my art friend Linda today. Amazing the people who come into your life.

As for our teacher Margaret she is the totally best teacher ever. She is so encouraging and generous with her knowledge. As I said to her today, art class has changed my life. Love my reset people. Love painting, love the creativity that flows.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cut the stash

Way back when ... a stash referred to illicit drugs. Being a respectable mother of two I know nothing of such things and a stash in today's parlance refers to a large collection of fabrics.

As any good quilter knows, she who has the most fabric wins. I'm sure there are many people with more fabric than me, but I have lots and it has been sitting in my "sewing room" since we moved.

A friend was visiting the other day and said what a wonderful "mess room" it was. Ha! Mess. No way. I know where everything is, well almost, and I have got the rest of the house in order But I haven't done much sewing since we moved here and I have been missing it. So I have designed a quilt and am cutting it out.

Tonight I cut 94 two-inch squares of many different fabrics. These will form the "flowers" in this quilt. I have 67 more squares to cut and then all 400 two-inch squares can be sewn together.

I'm waiting for the weather to cool a little before I resume crocheting the circles for the next granny blanket.

But best of all, art class resumes on Saturday.

In other news I got my hair cut today. My hairdresser reckons I look s*xy. Haha. And all I wanted was to look business-smart. Watch out world.

P.S. Spoke to a couple of really good friends today. Sometimes I wish I was in Sydney so I could see them and others more often than I do. Never mind, all of my lovely friends from elsewhere have a good excuse to visit the nation's capital. Visiting me.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sew say all of us

Some years ago I took up making patchwork quilts. This can  be seen as quite a granny thing to do, but I needed a creative outlet I could follow at home (as my children were young). Turns out I have made beautiful friends through quilting. In recent times life has taken over and I have not had the opportunity to sew as I used to.

Today, I decided that it was indeed time to design and make a new quilt. It's so easy to make something that someone else has made...but why bother? That's like drinking a soy decaf latte...what is the point?

So I chose some fabric from my extensive stash, worked out how many squares I needed to cut and got on with it. I haven't started assembling the quilt...but we have had days and days of 38+ and it was all I could do to get through the day without melting. At least this new project is well underway, with the first 190 blocks cut.

The background squares are light yellow and a green floral, the pink bowl is a small heart print and the rest will be floral prints...making it a bowl of flowers. Then I will add some sequins and stitching. Haven't worked out the border yet...it will be become apparent when the quilt is put together.