Thursday, August 21, 2014

Very Important Friends

One of the joys in my life is the depth of love I have for my friends, which is returned many times over.

I've always made friends throughout my life and am blessed that so many of them are still part of my life, sometimes decades after meeting.

Almost six years ago I had a career change, from being a journalist to working with a federal politician. It was one of those offers made over a glass of wine that seemed like a good idea at the time and turned into a life-changing event.

From that office I was introduced to a whole new world of people and two of them have become two of my besties. Another of my besties I met by chance through work. This week I have had really long conversations with two of them on the phone and spent a few hours with the other celebrating a major business achievement of his.

He said to me: I don't know why or how I love you Margot but I do.

The feeling is entirely mutual. We come from really different backgrounds and circumstances, we are almost 20 years apart in age, but we can talk about anything from art to business to politics to family.

We only see each a few times a year but those times are so enriching. It's like having my own fan club.

Today when one of my other besties called she asked how things are going. I said things are fabulous as all my beautiful people have been in touch this week.

The amazing thing is last week I was crying and feeling really blue, wishing things would change. When you have depression it can be hard sometimes to look forward and trust that there is so much good coming your way. We'll guess what? I've changed the energy and am attracting all this amazingness.

Wonder what magic is next?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Higher influencers

There are times during the evolution of a human when they realise that while their world revolves around them, the whole world doesn't. I don't know about previous generations but I expect getting sent to the new colony as a convict or signing up to fight a war would have ripped the blinkers off quick smart.

Why then in this enlightened age do I encounter people who act like 5 year olds when they are 10 times that age or people who are 40, 50, 60 + and carry on like spoilt brat teenagers? So many adults seem to get to a mental age of 16 and think "that will do".

Why do they not realise I am not going to bend and squeeze myself into some sort of imaginary box of theirs to fit with their idea of how things should be?

I saw a friend yesterday who has just got a divorce (his second) because his wife wanted him to bend and squeeze and acquiesce to her demands and not have one authentic feeling for himself.  The mantra for everyone should be to live an authentic life. Be real, have real feelings, heaven help! express them.

Life is a rich tapestry, made with many colors and textures and fibers and emotions. There's room for us all if we just let other other people be themselves. If we don't like those selves, that doesn't give us the right to try to change them. We need to give them space to get on with their existences and hope they leave us alone to get on with ours.

What do I really want? To paint and write and have my beautiful people around me. This blog is my virtual way of doing that but I'm thinking it's time to make it real.

Is that Utopia? No, it's my true path, guided by some magical people and their work with me over the past few years to listen to my heart and embrace my soul.

If that means I run away to the hills to be a hippy, well maybe that's what I will have to. Preferably one near a beach.

Today, there is painting class and a very sick family member to visit in hospital.

Keep it real, bring on the revolution.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Offended, upset, speechless

My mother died from breast cancer 22 years ago. It was a harrowing time for her and for all of us as she was ill for nine years.
She was robbed of meeting four grand-children and they have been robbed of having a grandmother who would have loved them and taught them to play the piano and shared her love of literature and Latin and she would have taken them for long walks and talked about heaven and earth .
She would have been there with a shoulder for my tears when life got complicated and she would have been there with joy on many occasions.
But now her memory and the memory of all those women who died of breast cancer have been sullied by ill-informed remarks by a member of the Federal Government.
Please read this: