Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend projects

I hear that some people spend their weekends watching movies, going out for meals and generally resting. I've had my second long-weekend in a row and haven't stopped.

The weekend workbench

I've shopped, cleaned, cooked, gallery-sat, went to art class, played the piano, worked on four or five paintings to send to my friend Jacqui's exhibition in Brisbane next month, there is another load of washing in the machine, there is some sewing I would like to do and there's been time for only one walk.

Miss Bliss tells me to finish one project before another one but it's not the way my brain works.

I love my projects and it's lucky that we don't really need a dining table because it is the best work bench.

There's also been some astrology homework this weekend as Mystic Medusa explains in her blog: To summarize, this is the last blast of Saturn in Scorpio. After a power trip/psychological colonic/master declutter ongoing since October 2012, it is vacating the establishment.

Think what has morphed in your life since late 2012 if you want some Saturnine perspective.

For me that has been a new job, new home, singledom, looking after the teenagers, sharing some precious times with beautiful friends - you know who you are - and working out what I really want for the next half of my life. Luckily there has been a rather patient and special life coach beside me all the way to help me understand why certain choices are made and others are not and myriad reasons why the people of my tribe belong there - and why some interlopers exist to teach me things or for me to teach them. I've also seen magic.

After an intense few months I'm now ready for new adventures. Wiser, grounded and enjoying the art/music side of life more than ever.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

All roads lead to Parliament House

I've been going to Australian Parliament House in Canberra since 1993. I love that building. I know so many people who work there and I worked there from 2002 to 2011.

I went tonight to catch up with one of my Besties and love that when I asked to go into the visitor's gallery in the Senate chamber the security guard recognised me. One of the other guards was astonished when I told her I had worked for four politicians.

Then another Senator said hello by saying "Welcome Home".

This on a day when the AFR ran one of AT's photos of Prime Minister Paul Keating.

I'm not sure people who are not associated with parliament understand the sense of belonging.

I've always thought the only reason to live in Canberra is to work either in Parliament House or some associated entity. Luckily my current job allows that.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The whiff of Spring

I live near Red Hill. There is a fantastic walk from my place up a dirt track to the top of Red Hill. It takes about 20 minutes. It is steep and it is wonderful. Then when you get to the top, you walk along a track with kangaroos eating and sleeping everywhere.

There's a lovely Australian saying that someone who is a bit off the planet has a few roos loose in the top paddock, or a few sandwiches short of a picnic. There were quite a few roos loose today but only in spirit.

There were lots of other folk on Red Hill today. It's still winter but the afternoon was a bit warmer than it has been for the past two months and lots of people were out walking.

A walk after three days off work did me good. I have four more days of work and then another long weekend.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dromaius novaehollandiae

Went to art today. Wasn't going to as I have gone dark, or rogue, keeping away from everything pretty much. I think it was the dark moon that affected me all week.

Emu, acrylic on canvas, with palette knives

However, the mood is lifting so I took myself off to art class. We had a lovely time using Impasto Gel to add texture to acrylic paint and created a portrait of an emu.

Emus are weird creatures. The run but do not fly, they pinch food from humans and they lay really big eggs, which the dads mind, while the mother goes off and finds another mate.

Something to be learned from the emu...haha

With thanks to the Australia Zoo:

It is up to the male to take care of the eggs during the 60 day incubation period and he is the sole parent for up to 2 years after the eggs hatch. After laying her eggs the female will find another wandering group and usually another mate with which she will lay another clutch of eggs. Female Emus can lay several clutches of eggs to numerous males in one breeding season.

Friday, August 14, 2015


I worked with a lovely man called Tim for half of this year and we had a hashtag: #winning

We would say it and make a hashtag with our fingers whenever we achieved something great. This could be once a day, once a week, three times an hour. It could be a good report, a funny story, solving a problem from one of the many we received, whatever. But it was great to have such a positive way to build team morale.

I don't normally blog about work. My work speaks for itself and I'm really proud of what my colleagues and I do. We get along really well and have the most wonderful boss in the entire planet, make that galaxy.

There's been a few things going on lately in my life that have unbalanced me and as a Libra, I need to rebalance. So on Monday I asked for today and next Friday off. I've taken two days of annual leave and I feel half human after not doing very much today.

I sat in the sun for an hour, I washed the front door and screen door, changed the cat's litter,  spoke to my Dad on the phone, bought milk and wine. That's it. Nothing else. Divine.

Now I'm cooking a roast. The teenagers and I love a good roast. We are having veal and a mountain of vegetables. Yum.

PS. I could have tidied the dining room table, which would take three minutes, but I haven't even done that.


Thursday, August 13, 2015


I cast a spell tonight. I know that would have meant being burned at the stake in older times, but sometimes it's the only thing for dealing with a situation.

Fire and brimstone

The spell involved fire and combustible material and words and the ritual of being outside in the dark and cold and boy did it feel good.

There is a situation (non domestic) that is coming to a conclusion and has affected some people dear to me. Instructions were delivered by the one and only psychic life coach and were followed precisely.

Keep calm and let Karma finish it. Delicious.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Joe's Bar

I went out tonight. My social life is mostly non-existent, I'm not sure why. I run into local friends at the supermarket but we don't go out...but when friends visit Canberra I get to go out.

Glass art

Tonight it was to Joe's Bar at the East Hotel. Joe's has been open for 10 days and it is quite sensational. Canberra does continue to surprise with the way exceptional eateries/bars open up with little fanfare.

Delighted as I was to be there, it was even more delightful to see my friend Kylie who works for East. She and I shared many an AFL sideline over cold winters when our boys played for the same team.

There was a man at a table who kept staring at me. I almost went over and asked him to buy me a drink as he looked interesting. Then I thought of my hot water bottle and my bed and decided to come home. Haha

Monday, August 10, 2015

All things bright

When I began blogging on 9 October 2011 I knew the following 12 months were going to be interesting, terrifying, exasperating, frightening, challenging and a few other "ings". I vowed though that I wanted to document the good, rather than the bad and the heartache.

That blog ended about 18 months later as it had served its purpose and then Paris Apple Hotel was opened.

A friend asked in the early days "where is this Paris Apple Hotel of which you write?"

My answer: in my imagination.

It's a place where stuff happens, art is created, ideas are generated and I generally have a rant or a rave.

My most private thoughts are consigned to a journal that no one gets to read. I have bequeathed them to Miss Bliss when I die. I'm up to Volume 8 after five years...She can read them, burn them, turn them into compost, whatever she wants to do. Maybe she will sit around on the the third Thursday of the month with which ever friends are there and they can read them aloud...I don't mind. Maybe they will learn a few life lessons and have a cry and a laugh.

The past few weeks have been a bit hard on the life side. There's quite a bit of Sh*t happening. Any one of the events would be enough to send you/me crazy.

I'm the world's nicest person but all that seems to mean is people take me and my kindness for granted. How do you change your personality after a lifetime? You don't. But you learn more about yourself through the people who come in and out of your life.

My beautiful life coach talks to me about crossing paths with people. This is a phrase I have heard all my life but it's only recently that I understand what it means. We are all on a path, on our own. Some people join us for sections of the path, others criss cross.

The fad saying is that we are on a journey. No, we are living our lives. It's A to B and C and D and all the way to Z, with backtracking, crisscrossing, fireworks, black fogs, black dogs and white light.

Love and light. Find the love, follow the light.

Peace. Believe in peace.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

What happened to the weekend?

Why are weekends over so quickly? 48 hours ago it was Friday night and now it is Sunday night and I feel as tired as I did on Friday. I sat around yesterday morning contemplating a trip to the market but did not go until this morning.

Yesterday afternoon was art. Last night was a blur. This morning I did the wash, groceries, market, this afternoon Miss B and I went to have afternoon tea with a gorgeous friend, I've been cooking since we got home and now I'm about to eat dinner and could honestly go to bed at 8pm.

When did this happen? Is it age? Is it stress?

Now the teenagers are fighting. No wonder I drink.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Once in a Blue Moon

There was a full moon last night, a blue moon, the second full moon of the month. Today the Horses celebrated their birthday.

The moon over... I want to say Bourbon Street... but it was over the golf course

As the moon rose over the golf course tonight it was yellow and big and semi-covered with clouds. There has been magic in the skies lately, thanks to NASA's New Horizons spacecraft.

How wonderful were those images of the heart on Pluto's surface?

Luckily for us we get to see the moon every night from when it is full to when it is a sliver. This past week was quite intense on the ground, but full moon weeks always are.

Now we are in August. Lilith moves into natal Lilith is in Libra so I expect big things this month.

Today I spent the morning at Artistic Vision Gallery. I almost sold a painting...yes, one of is so close I can feel it.

This afternoon in class we painted a snow scene. Who would have thought to use purple and Viridian to paint snow? It was quite an intense lesson and we haven't finished our paintings...which is unusual...but we will finish next week.